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By 欣建築2021/02/18
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2/19 Live broadcast 「2021 International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition」─Awards Ceremony

由台灣建築報導雜誌社主辦,上圓聯合建築師事務所企劃的第二屆「2021紙上住宅建築國際競圖」(IRACDC),邀請荷蘭Mecanoo建築事務所建築師兼創意總監Francine Houben擔任評審,並以「住宅的未來–在大流感來臨之前與之後」為題來回應當下全球仍蔓延的COVID-19疫情,在經過五個月的徵件,已於2020年11月30日徵件截止,本屆共收到來自全球三十五個國家,總計三百二十八件作品,將共同角逐總獎金一萬美金。

The second 「International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition」 of 2021 is closed on November 30th , 2020. The competition is hosted by Taiwan Architecture Magazine, proposed by Sun-Yuan Architects & Associates. Francine Houben, architect and creative director of Mecanoo Architects Netherlands, is invited as the Judge who raises the topic of「The Future of Housing-before and after a pandemic」to echo the situation of pandemic of COVID-19 worldwide. The total of 328 works from 35 countries has been collected over a period of 5-months submission for chasing the total prize of US$10,000.

評審Francine Houben在縝密的初選審查後,從中評選出入圍決選的作品計八件。本屆競圖受COVID-19的影響,決選審查採用網路連線方式進行,在入圍者親自向Francine Houben簡報及問答後,已選出本屆獲獎作品,將於2月19日(五)台灣時間下午三點半,舉辦線上直播頒獎典禮,公告得獎作品名單,誠摯邀請關注未來住宅發展的朋友準時上線收看直播。

The shortlists of eight are selected after primary review by Judge Francine Houben. The final review is conducted by video conference due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The winners have been decided after presentation and Q&A of each team to Judge Francine Houben. The awards ceremony by live streaming will be conducted on February 19th, 3:30pm (Taiwan standard time) and the winners will be announced. We sincerely invite all our friends who take care future development of housing to attend the ceremony on time.

【入圍名單 Finalists

NumberTitle of EntryName of EntrantCountry, region

0007/Gap: Disconnect to Connect/Chai Yi Yang+Ng Yi Ming+Bong Wei Jian/Malaysia

0031/Extension of Living/Huang Zih Jhe(黃子哲)/Taiwan

0035/Ghost to Host/Puangniyom Pongpol+Mah Yi Jun/Thailand+Malaysia

0089/Iso Teract Pods/Wong Kai Yi+Low Xue Yee+Lim Pui San/Malaysia

0148/Housing Re-framed/Inka Eismar+Coll Drury+Jenna Imrie McMahon/UK, Scotland

0225/RECONFIGURING NYC/Marco Moccia+Chen Ken/Italy+Singapore

0235/Weather the epidemic in the community/Yin Jun(殷俊)+Cao Yue Ning(曹粵寧)+Chen Si Tong(陳思彤)/China

0286/AirPods/Wong Ka Hei+Chan Yin Tat/China Hong Kong

【活動資訊 Information】


2021 International Residential Architecture Conceptual Design Competition Awards Ceremony


Date:2021 February 19th


Time:3:30pm (Taiwan standard time)






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